About Us

      The Concept for Parker Village took flight in October of 2015, when the first property was purchased. The 43,000 sq ft. former Thompson Elementary School in Highland Park. 5 other properties quickly joined the portfolio, adding 10 potential new residences to the Smart Neighborhood development.  soon after we began working with world-renowned Architect, Paul Bierman-Lytle on the initial renderings for the campus and the Smart-neighborhood.  In 2018, we installed the first solar smart streetlight in the mid-west, signaling the change and rejuvenation to come.

     In 2019, our second solar installation, a water and power shed was built.  A commissioned mural by artist, Waleed Johnson with support from Art-ops, A non-profit organization supporting the arts in the city of Highland Park, was added to the structure and unveiled to the media, the community, and city officials.

     The Shed was built as a joint project with Soulardarity, Ryter Cooperative Industries, Appropriate ​Technology Corp, and students from the Black Caucus Foundation.   2020 saw the installation of our Solar Pergola that will power our off-grid healthy-choice cafe. This will be the first stand-alone solar cafe in the United States. Other improvements to the campus including landscaping, signage, the beginning rehab of our first single-family energy-efficient home, and the demolition of another property that will become an energy-efficient 4 unit apartment.

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​​As a community gathering Space, Event location, resource center, business incubator and more. PV will create its own Ecosystem.
Parker Village is a smart neighborhood development, centered around a community resource center. It includes net-zero housing options, an Aquaponics Farm, Garden Cafe & More
Parker Village is working with world-renowned architect, Paul Bierman-Lytle and many other professionals to create a sustainable community. Solar, Blue Infrastructure & Energy efficient.